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EatDrinkDeals is the nation’s leading news source for discount dining information. We cover national and regional restaurant chains and provide links to restaurant coupons, coupon codes and general information on how to get the best dining deals. Our website, www.eatdrinkdeals.com, is updated multiple times every day with the latest deals. EatDrinkDeals is unique among other coupon sites in that it follows journalistic practices. This means that every article is checked and verified by our staff before it is published. We accept no direct advertising or paid articles. Our goal is to provide our users with information on the best deals around so they can enjoy dining out, while sticking to their budgets. Every article provides attribution that users can show to the restaurant server, in case the server is unaware of the deal. This attribution is usually a link to the official website, or the Facebook, Twitter or other social media page of the restaurant. Advertisement

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